Oil Heat

Annual Maintenance

Did You Know?

  • Proper maintenance of your oil heat system protects your family, your investment and lowers overall costs
    • Most manufacturers require annual service records for equipment warranties;
    • Properly performed maintenance assures the customer that their heating system is operating at peak safety and reliability, ensuring your family stays warm all winter;
    • Annual maintenance maintains the efficiency of your furnace and identifies any problems before they become major, costly ones;
    • Annual maintenance must be carried out by a licensed technician, and will not only reduce the risk of breakdowns, but can save money when furnaces and boilers are working at their peak efficiency;
    • Annual maintenance is required by the Canadian Safety Association (CSA) code for all oil, propane and natural gas heating appliances;
    • A service contract with a trusted COHA-NS professional will not only give you energy savings, but also peace of mind;
    • Many oil heat systems technicians provide 24-hour emergency service to ensure you get the heat you need when you need it.
    • What does annual maintenance include?
      • Oil tank and fuel  system inspection;
      • Fuel filter replacement, to avoid clogs and maintain system efficiency;
      • Fuel pump and ignition check to ensure it meets appliance requirements for peak efficiency;
      • Proper nozzle and replacement to prevent flame impingement;
      • Combustion chamber, heat exchanger and vent passages inspection and cleaning where necessary;
      • Limits and safeties checked;
      • Complete combustion analysis;
      • For forced air furnaces, check air filters, fans and heat exchangers;
      • For hot water boilers, check for leaks, circulators, pressure, feed valves, relief valves and expansion tanks
      • along with any specific manufacturers requirements
    • These tests, cleaning procedures and filter replacements keep your heating system operating smoothly and efficiently throughout the heating season.