Oil Heat


More choice than you think….........today’s oilheat

Nova Scotia has approximately 87 oilheat retailers located throughout every nook and cranny in the province….unlike the gas utility and the electric utility, we are not a monopoly.

Oilheat gives homeowners a wide choice of suppliers. With oil, you have the power and freedom to choose an oil provider with a package tailored to your needs. Most Nova Scotia oilheat retailers are locally owned and operated with deep generational roots in their communities.

Meanwhile, the Nova Scotia Government has approved only ONE gas distributor and ONE rate for homeowners; it’s one price fits all and nowhere to go if you’re not happy. Kind of like dealing with the electric utility.

Ask yourself: “How would you feel if there were only ONE bank or ONE grocery store?” Better yet, “How would you feel if there were only ONE oil company?”

And let’s not forget SERVICE. Oilheat professionals are always nearby. Most full-service oil companies offer 24-hour emergency service, as well as routine preventative maintenance and equipment installation and financing programs. The gas utility does not offer service for heating equipment. Gas customers pay the utility for their gas delivery but must make their own arrangements for maintenance and repairs.