Oil Heat


More efficient than you think…........today’s oilheat

Major technological advances in the oilheat industry have brought oilheat equipment to far more sophisticated and efficient levels. Oilheat equipment now reaches efficiencies of 97%, dramatically reducing fuel consumption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving energy dollars.

Efficiencies in the 97% range put oilheat equipment on par with any kind of furnace, including natural gas furnaces. Efficiencies of 97% mean 97 cents on every heating dollar you spend goes into heating your home, with only 3% lost to the great outdoors.

Depending on the age, efficiency and type of oil system you currently have, an upgrade to Energy Star qualified oilheat equipment could easily reward you with savings in the range of 25%-30%.

New oil furnaces are smaller, quieter and work wonderfully with other new home heating technologies such as programmable thermostats that can save up to an additional 15% on annual usage and outdoor reset controls that automatically lower water temperature in your heating system on mild days and raise it on cold days, can save you up to an additional 25% on annual usage.

With new technologies for oilheat, you don’t need to switch fuels to do your part.

During recent incented furnace upgrade programs, the oilheat industry in Nova Scotia replaced almost 7,000 furnaces, resulting in a reduction of 5,030,250 litres of heating oil consumed in the province and reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by 14,648 tonnes. This GHG reduction is equivalent to removing 4,902 vehicles from our highways.


Oilheat equipment has a longer life expectancy than most gas equipment and a longer life expectancy than electric heat pumps. On average, five to ten years longer.
(Source: Oilheat Manufacturers Association)