Oil Heat


Cleaner than you think….........today’s oil heat

It’s true. Todays’ oil heat is a lot cleaner than it was 25-30 years ago. Today, the oil heat industry in Nova Scotia delivers a new and improved home heating fuel to many areas of the province that surpasses earlier heating efficiency and environmental performance standards.

Known as low sulphur heating oil, the product is a result of advances in refining technology. The industry is vigorously working to cut sulphur content in heating oil from 1500 parts per million (ppm) to 500 ppm (low sulphur), and eventually to 15 ppm; the latter known as ultra-low sulphur heating oil.

Low sulphur heating oil features are beneficial to Nova Scotians and their environment in many ways:

  • Cleaner than coal-fuelled electricity generation
  • Cleaner than wood or wood pellets for home heating
  • Cleaner means reduced emissions from your furnace
  • Cleaner means improvements in equipment performance

The graph below clearly outlines the disparity of impact on GHG from heating with oil compared to heating with electricity in Nova Scotia.

These recent technological advancements in fuel technology, along with the introduction of bio-blends (the new alternative fuel from renewable, domestically-grown agricultural products) have helped reduce burner emissions to near zero levels.

Combine these advances with today’s Energy Star qualified oil-fired appliances that now reach efficiencies of 97% and this all translates into reduced emissions, lowering industry’s carbon footprint, and ultimately putting a little more green in your pocket.


The gas industry routinely estimates losses of more than *2% a year (pure methane from gas line leaks). Can you imagine your oil dealer losing 2 litres of heating oil every 100 litres he delivers? (*Source: Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis)