Oil Heat

Reliable Supply

More reliable than you think….......today’s oilheat

In the history of oilheating in this province, there has never been a disruption or concern about our supply of heating oil. Never has a home or business owner had to go without because of a supply issue.

The oilheat industry in Nova Scotia is not dependent upon any ONE country or region for our supply. Currently our supply comes from 11 different countries, and for all the talk of ‘Middle East oil’, our largest supplier of crude oil to Nova Scotia has traditionally been Norway, but in recent years African countries such as Angola and Nigeria have become more prominent sources for crude imports.

As shown below, Nova Scotia imports crude oil from a diverse group of countries:

Our natural gas supply, now that Deep Panuke is shut, comes from one source – imported gas from New England, over one pipeline. What will happen with Nova Scotian’s that switched to gas? A heating system is a long term investment – where will their natural gas come from now?